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ARUNACHAL PRADESH: Chase the mountains | Best travel agency in Kolkata

Best travel agency in kolkata

The most ethereal landscapes and travel spots in our nation can be found in India’s north-eastern states, which are sadly underappreciated. Get in contact with us and pack your luggage for a most colorful and exhilarating vacation experience if you wish to explore stunning locales and intriguing cultures. With the help of our domestic tour packages from Kolkata, we make sure you have the best encounters and may make the most priceless memories with your loved ones. You can have unforgettable experiences in our country’s northeastern states, and you’ll undoubtedly want to return for more. Your relaxing vacation is our priority at Travlio, the Best travel agency in kolkata.

The land of the rising sun is serene, collected, and polished because fewer people are living there, untamed, and a paradise for those who appreciate nature. Arunachal Pradesh, which is well recognized for its heritage and culture, is the leader in endearing settings and amazing places. Arunachal Pradesh, regarded as the largest state in northeastern India, is located at a high altitude and enjoys beautiful weather all year long.

Arunachal Pradesh vacation packages should be used with caution because they may raise your expectations for subsequent trips. Due to the state’s great variety of locations and weather patterns, which are uncommon on other trips, there are many places to visit.

The state was born in the lush tropical valleys of the pristine Brahmaputra river and now thrives in the remote magnificence of the Eastern Himalayas. One of the most fascinating decisions ever taken may turn out to be an Arunachal vacation. Made from the best sanctuaries, abundant rivers, foggy lofty mountain peaks, and teeming valleys. The state promises to take you on an adventure filled with enigmatically beautiful, pure scenery. The state is incredibly pristine, and exploring its hilly trails might inspire the wanderlust in you.

This enormous three-storeyed monastery, which houses the stunning Tawang monastery and has an enigmatic backdrop and an 8m-tall Buddha statue, looks no less like the conventional pictures from history books. Every Tawang package has a unique way of mesmerizing its visitors—the country of orchids and hot springs. The mysterious tales of Arunachal never come to an end, with Cherrapunji, the second wettest region on earth, receiving all the credit. This enchanted location, which can be found in the Khasi Hills’ southern region, is bordered by Bangladesh on the south and Myanmar on the north. The environs of the location are covered with prickly peaks of the Khasi hills and valleys that extend beyond the horizon or human eyes, creating a picture-perfect landscape and undeniable natural beauty. The Khasi people, who invite you to their cocoon to explore and admire the beauty of their home and have their unique wonderful secrets, have the brightest smile you have ever seen. This would be the highlight of your vacation. You can’t help but be enchanted by the view of the rocky hills, low clouds, and lush surroundings. A different landscape and weather conditions greet you at every bend in its framed roads, but the unpredictable weather will still top it all.

The Oasis of North East India is completely enclosed and filled with unspoiled landscapes, gushing waterfalls, clean air, and strange double-decker root bridges. Another well-known site in the area is Rainbow Falls. A Cherrapunji tour package will take you to a location where you can see Jade blue water in addition to jaw-dropping sights. We bring the best travel agency in Kolkata to make sure that each of your experiences is unforgettable.

One must check out the fantastic trip packages that Travlio, the best travel agency in Kolkata, offers, both domestically and internationally.

The Top 6 Hikes in Arunachal Pradesh

Travel not only helps you get out of your routine and experience the natural beauty that other states in our country have to offer but also offers cost-effective packages leaving Kolkata by taking care of all the background information. It is without a doubt regarded as the top travel agency in Kolkata.

Thus, here are some of the best hikes in the region of Arunachal Pradesh that you should not miss while exploring this beautiful place.

  1. The Talley Valley Trek between Ziro

Upper Subansiri Area

Hardiness: Moderate

The highest point is 9000 feet ( 2743m)

8 days for the trek

You can reach Talley Valley from the village of Ziro in Ziro Valley by taking this easy hike. Talley Valley has outstanding biodiversity and is a wildlife sanctuary.

You’ll see stunning mountain vistas and magnificent areas of lush, green greenery on the way. The trail is largely undeveloped, allowing you to experience a true wilderness environment.


  1. Trek Thembang

Western Kameng

Moderate to Easy Difficulty

The highest point is 9842 feet (3 000 m )

The best months to hike are October through December and February through May.

At an elevation of roughly 2000 meters, Thembang is a picturesque town located east of Bomdila in Kameng.

With crystal-clear blue skies and an abundantly verdant forest, the location is serene. The Dirang River can be seen snaking through the mountainous landscape as you pass by an old monastery on your way through the deep forest.



  1. The Bailey Trail, Arunachal Pradesh

moderate difficulty

16,348 feet are the highest point (4 983m)

12 to 22 days for the hike

May-June and September-October are the ideal hiking seasons.

One of Arunachal Pradesh’s most well-liked and lengthy walking routes is the Bailey Trail. There are several areas you can start from if you don’t want to go the complete distance.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the trail follows the numerous valleys that the Himalayas have carved out. Throughout the journey, the Bailey Trail provides stunning views.


  1. Area of Gorichen Peak: West Kameng and Tawang

Problem: Difficult

a maximum elevation of 500 feet (6858 meters)

April to June and September to October are the best months to hike.

Gorichen Peak, one of the highest elevations in Arunachal Pradesh at 22,500 feet (6858 meters) above sea level, is revered by the inhabitants as a sacred site.

Sa-Nga Phu, which translates to “Kingdom of Deity,” was the peak’s original name. The journey to Gorichen Peak is challenging. Even so, the adventure it leads you on is worthwhile.


  1. Area of the Mechuka Trek: West Siang District

Moderate in terms of difficulty

At 6,000 meters above sea level and barely 30 kilometers from the Tibetan border, Mechuka is a small, charming town.

With its abundance of routes and tall mountains, the area is perfect for exploration and trekking. Hiking in Mechuka is a worthwhile and enjoyable experience because of the intriguing blend of tribes and cultures, stunning views, and lovely surroundings.

The region is quiet and remote, allowing you to unwind and just take in the unspoiled natural surroundings.

Given how difficult it is to arrange a trip, using a travel agency is one of the best methods to ensure that the itinerary and journey run without a hitch. By taking care of all the necessary arrangements, including purchasing your tickets and making hotel, eating, and daily schedule bookings, a tour operator enhances your travel experience. Find out why Travlio in Kolkata is the best choice before you buy tickets for your upcoming vacation.


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