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Australia tour guide 2024

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Travlio would like to welcome you into the country of magnificent sites, exciting cultures, and extraordinary experiences – welcome to Australia! Our Australia Tour Guide is designed to make your experience of travel with us as exciting as possible. We invite you to meet one of the Best Australia Tour Packages From Kolkata that has been designed just for Kolkata residents but yet can be done within a budget without sacrificing quality of services. Let’s explore an incredible trip along an Australian itinerary of memorable sites, tastes, and stories worth sharing forever.

Australia Travel Guide 2024

Know Interesting Facts About Australia

Breathtaking Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is one aspect that sets Australia apart from other countries. It is home to some of the most distinctive plants and animals in the world, some of which do not exist anywhere else on our planet. Australia has the longest barrier reef known as The Great Barrier Reef. It is situated on the shore of Queensland and represents the largest system of living corals which hosts a vast array of marine species including colorful forms of corals, turtles, and numerous fish kinds.

The Outback’s Ancient Secrets:

The Australian outback refers to a huge area that covers the major part of Australia’s inner parts. The Aboriginal Australians believe that in their dry lands is a gigantic sandstone rock referred to as Uluru or Ayers Rock. It is not possible to ignore this magnificent site because of its striking change of colours especially at dawn and dusk.

Unique Wildlife:

Australia is home to marsupials like kangaroos and wallabies as well as monotremes–egg-laying mammals–like the platypus and the echidna only exist there on earth. When planning your trip in one of the most attractive among the best Australia tour packages from Kolkata make sure you visit famous national parks and animal sanctuaries.

The Great Emu War:

A strange episode in Australia’s history included The Great Emu War. During the 1930s, many thousands of emus from Australia had overrun Western Australia, destroying crops and building materials. To solve this emu matter the government sent soldiers armed with machine guns towards the problematic region, and all this led to humor in the country.

World’s Largest Island:

In reality, although it is known as the continent, Australia is also the biggest island in the whole world. The country has a long coastline that spreads across 25,000km hosts the most amazing beaches and magnificent cliffs, and is rich in biological diversity.

Melting Pot of Cultures:

Australian society contains many cultures and has been molded through various inflows into this land over time. The cultural background of indigenous Australians is about 65,000 years old and, therefore, they are the oldest people living on Earth. The impact of the cultural diversity of European, Asian, and Middle Eastern societies has also been added to the dynamic Australian society.

Sydney Opera House’s Unique Design:

A distinctive and innovative design of the Sydney Opera House, a famous Australian icon. A UNESCO World Heritage Site which was designed by architect Jørn Utzon and which resembles sailboats blowing in the wind. However, a great irony was that Utzon did not see the whole work, as he left the project unfinished. Make a point of stopping over at Sydney when touring Australia with an Australia Guide 2024 because it is full of exciting cultural attractions worthy of being visited by the best Australia tours for Kolkata individuals.

The Great Dividing Range:

One of the world’s longest mountain ranges, Australia’s Great Dividing Range stretches roughly along its eastern coastline. It spans over a distance of 3,500 kilometers and brings in the difference between a highly fertile coastal belt and a barren hinterland.

Unique Time Zones:

It covers three time zones—Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST in the eastern parts and Australian Western Standard Time, AWST, in the western parts. The country has six independent states and two territories offering different characteristics of attractiveness.

Deadly Fauna:

The country is infamous for dangerous creatures such as the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world found only in this region, hence the home of unique but possibly fatal wildlife.

Peculiar Geographic Landmarks:

Lake Hiller in the middle island of Western Australia state has a pink colour that makes it a renowned natural wonder. The reason for this remarkable color is not clear yet raising additional questions about this intriguing Salt Lake. You can discover Australian marvels by means of affordable Australia Tour Packages from Kolkata.

Home of the Big Things:

Some of these “big things” are giant lantana flowers in Long Island, a dinosaur at Loch Arthur and much more. These unique statues range comically from the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour through to the Big Pineapple in Queensland.

Gondwana Rainforests:

Several national parks that constitute the Gondwana Rainforest, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, are found in Australia. The present-day rain-forests are the vestiges of the old continent Gondwana revealing what could have been in the prehistoric times on planet earth. Explore the exotic delights of Gondwana Rainforests within our affordable Australia Tour packages from Kolkata.

Invention of Wi-Fi:

It is worthwhile noting that Australia is renowned for inventing Wi-Fi. The CSIRO scientists have performed crucial work on the evolution of the technology that is applied today during communication.

Mysterious Min Min Lights:

Travelers far away in the Outback have seen something called Min Min Lights. This unaccounted-for floating light is manifest on the horizon and has formed multiple tales and stories. The lights remain a fascinating enigma, despite scientific efforts at explanation. The best Australia tour packages from Kolkata for having an incredible adventure in Land Down Under. On your next adventure in Australia, find out what Min Min Lights are all about.

Most Visited Places You Should Add When You Visit Australia:

Sydney, New South Wales:

Discover the charm of Sydney through our affordable Australia tours from Kolkata featuring the eminent Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge that combine urbane classiness and lush elegance.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland:

Plunge into an alluring undersea universe of the Great Barrier Reef, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that figures amongst the best packages for Kolkata residents including rich coral shapes and various sea creatures.

Melbourne, Victoria:

Explore Melbourne’s artistic environment, vibrant suburbs, and great coffee, the embodiment captured by our Best Australia Tour Package from Kolkata.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory:

At Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which is the heart of Australia, this spiritual masterpiece should not be missed as mentioned above in our Australia Travel Guide 2024.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria:

Twelve apostles that are made of limestones standing in the Great Ocean Road, captured in all the affordable Australia tour packages from Kolkata.


Escape to Tasmania where you can explore its various landscapes and historical towns that are part of our Best Australia Tours for Kolkata Residents.

The Whitsundays, Queensland:

Explore the tropical wonderland of The Whitsundays – 74 heavenly islands that offer up some of the country’s finest sandy shores and sparkling seas – Australian travel guide 2024.

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory:

Discover the wilderness of Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO-listed treasure teeming with historical rock artwork, diverse ecosystems, and precise wildlife as highlighted in our Affordable Australia Tour Packages from Kolkata.

Byron Bay, New South Wales:

Surf up in laid-lower-back Byron Bay, an iconic coastal metropolis showcased in our Best Australia Tour Package from Kolkata, boasting pristine seashores and the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Adelaide, South Australia:

Savor the attraction of Adelaide, surrounded by picturesque wine regions, blending lifestyle, records, and culinary delights, a key recommendation in our Australia Travel Guide 2024.

The Pinnacles, Western Australia:

Wander via the surreal landscape of The Pinnacles, an enthralling barren region decorated with limestone pillars, a unique revel emphasized in our Affordable Australia Tour Packages from Kolkata.

Fraser Island, Queensland:

Dive into the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island, with its unique ecosystems, pristine lakes, and the enduring Maheno Shipwreck, a spotlight in our Best Australia Tours for Kolkata Residents.

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland:

Explore the oldest tropical rainforest at Daintree, a biodiversity hotspot with particular flowers and fauna, featured prominently in our Best Australia Tour Package from Kolkata.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales:

Enveloped in mist and eucalyptus, the Blue Mountains captivate with dramatic cliffs and the Three Sisters rock formation, a UNESCO website in our Australia Travel Guide 2024.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia:

Encounter the adorable quokkas of Rottnest Island, a haven for nature enthusiasts and a captivating destination highlighted in our Affordable Australia Tour Packages from Kolkata.

Beaches Itineraries of Australia:

Bondi Beach, Sydney:

A Sydney gem, Bondi Beach has golden sand and vibrant surf. Bondi to Coogee – an incredible coastal walk, with colourful cafes and street art.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island:

You can reach this beach on a seaplane that’s also accessible via a boat trip. The sand here is whitish, composed of silica, and the water is azure in color. It’s an oasis in the Whitsunday Islands, where one can relax and take a look at some of the finest beauty that nature has to offer through snorkeling.

Byron Bay, New South Wales:

The beaches at Byron Bay tend to suit all tastes. In comparison, The Pass is great for surfing while Main Beach is perfect for sunbathing. Wategos Beach is a perfect getaway offering an array of natural attractions.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast:

Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast truly earns its name, attracting many surf enthusiasts. High-rise buildings frame the vibrant environment comprising shops, restaurants, and bustling nightlife.

Great Ocean Road Beaches, Victoria:

Bellinger’s surfing beach on the Great Ocean Road is notable for its mighty waves while Loch Ard Gorge has limestone cliffs and sandy shorelines that make up a stunning picturesque coast. This scenic trip is completed by the 12 Apostles which provide a splendid view to behold.

Manly Beach, Sydney:

One of the most popular beaches near Sydney is Manly Beach which offers lots of things to do at the seaside. Discover a more tranquil escape by walking down to Shelly Beach, where activities like snorkeling offer opportunities for engaging in water-based adventures while enjoying the coastline’s scenery away from the clamorous crowds.

Noosa Main Beach, Queensland:

Noosa Main Beach lies on the Sunshine Coast and is family-friendly as it has mild waves and golden sand beaches. Stroll along the boardwalk to Noosa National Park for relaxation, stunning vegetation, coastline views, and numerous koala sightings.

Foodie tour itineraries of Land Down Under:

Melbourne’s Laneway Culinary Adventure:

Go for a culinary adventure in Melbourne’s famous laneways sampling local food in secret restaurants and stylish coffee houses. Indulge in Italian delights on Degraves Street and savor Asian fusion on Hardware Lane, enhancing your vibrant urban lifestyle.

Barossa Valley Wine and Gourmet Delights:

The readers should head to the Barossa Valley of South Australia for a food and wine festival. Discover top wineries, savor diverse wines, and relish fine cheese and cuisine for a perfect blend of flavors.

Sydney Seafood Safari:

A feast of the senses is what we get on Sydney’s seafood tour. Walking around the popular Sydney Fish market, sampling fresh oysters, prawns, and other assorted caught from local sources. Attend a seafood cooking class and learn how to cook Sydney’s ocean bounties.

Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets Adventure:

Explore Brisbane’s delicious cuisine at the Eat Street Markets. On Brisbane River the world’s food festival includes a range of foreign menus, premium sweets, and handcrafted products in this night market. A live musical treat with exciting cuisine.

Tasmania’s Farm-to-Table Experience:

Farm-to-table tours around Tasmania. Explore the island’s produce by visiting local farms, artisanal producers, and markets. Enjoy an extravagant degustation dinner comprising some Tasmanian specialties that epitomize Tasmania’s approach to sustainability.

Adelaide’s Central Market Tasting Trail:

It is a food heaven in the central market of Adelaide. Explore a guided tasting trail in this bustling market, savoring delicacies like cheeses, exotics, and homemade creams. Interact with regional suppliers and cooks, learning about the elaborate food tradition in South Australia.

Margaret River’s Wine and Chocolate Indulgence:

The western Australia Margaret River area has a mouthwatering mix of wine and chocolate. Taste wines in famous vineyards and match them up with artisan chocolates from boutique chocolate purveyors. These beautifully scenic vineyards and rolling hills help in creating an absolutely enjoyable food and wines experience.


Travlio guides you on an extraordinary Australian adventure with tailored expertise for both seasoned explorers and first-time travelers. Explore must-see locations in Australia with Thomas Cook tour packages from Kolkata.s. Let Travlio guide you in discovering the wonders of the Land Down Under, creating lasting memories. Choose Travlio for an unparalleled Australia tour experience that transcends expectations and opens the door to a world of discovery.

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