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How to travel Dubai in budget

A lot of people ask How to travel Dubai in budget? Well, these below-mentioned tips will help you.

Tips on How to travel to Dubai in budget

Choose the right time.

The busiest and most expensive season of all in winter. The cost of lodging, dining, and attractions increases in December and then again in January. As a result, travelling over this festive season may be extremely expensive. But go to Dubai during Ramadan and the summer to get the greatest deals and to benefit from the most affordable airfares. Fewer foreigners are exploring the neighbourhood, making the journey hassle-free.

Purchasing tickets in advance

But this idea holds for all cities. A few months ahead of the trip is typically the best time to buy airline tickets. Along with acquiring the best discounts, the variety of offers will enable you to benefit from significant price reductions, mouthwatering meals, and additional savings. Local airlines in the UAE have deals and discounted rates with numerous restaurants and spas. When you use your Emirates boarding card, these locations will give you incredible discounts. A major tip on How to travel to Dubai in budget

Airbnb and inexpensive hotel reservations

Dubai could make you dust off your wallet when it comes to housing. A suite or room at one of the major hotel companies could be pricey to book. As a result, travellers on a low budget can stay in basic hotels like the City Seasons Hotel, Royal Falcon Hotel, Premier Inn Dubai Al Jadaf, and Imperials Suites Hotel, all of which have facilities like Wi-Fi, a pool, and free breakfast. Some hostels offer great value and all the amenities you could want.

Look at AirBNBs as a potential alternative to paying less rent. These private residences or rooms are more comfortable and economical if you don’t require numerous conveniences.

Take the bus or the train.

Dubai is proud of its efficient transportation system. Despite not being the cheapest model available, local taxis are nonetheless reasonably priced when compared to other cities across the world. All of the major attractions are effectively connected via metro lines. Board one of the comfortable and convenient metros by grabbing a red or silver card. The other kind of public transportation that tourists on a tight budget would strongly consider is buses. These are fast-medium and in good condition.

Take advantage of The Entertainer

If you’re on a limited budget and want to see Dubai, The Entertainer is your best friend. There are numerous dining restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs, and other attractions that are offering discounts aplenty. Get discounts and 2-for-1 offers that can help you save a lot of money and have a lot more fun. You can look through their website or purchase this magazine at grocery stores or book stores.

Use Groupon

Another major source of offers and promotions in Dubai is Groupon. Therefore, before partaking in any pleasurable activities or visiting any sights, check for a deal-saver here. Another important tip on How to travel to Dubai in budget

Consume good, affordable food.

This will shatter the myth that Dubai is only suitable for ostentatious wealthy tourists. Because finding inexpensive gourmet dinners here is as easy as ABC. There are many popular restaurants where you can chow down on scrumptious foods from well-known cuisines including Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, and Mughlai, including The Ravi Restaurant, Sind Punjab Restaurant, and Dubai Fish Hut.

The fact that many restaurants offer an unlimited lunchtime buffet on Fridays is another useful tip that can help you get scrumptious food for less than a bag of chips. In Dubai, there are many happy hours when you can get discounts on alcoholic beverages. Drinking after happy hours could mess with your finances, so refrain from doing so. The best lunchtime pizza is found in food courts. To get to Old Dubai and eat a decent meal at those inexpensive restaurants would cost between 20 and 30 AED.

Activities in Dubai at a Low Cost

Here are some places in Dubai that you can visit for a fair price, whether you’re looking for cheap things to do or just want to see the big attractions quickly. It’s nice to know that some won’t cost you even one dirham.

Desert Safari in Dubai

If you want to reward yourself, plan a safari through the desert in Dubai. The flavours of the adventure and culture would bind you to a typical safari. Try tense activities like dusk camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, and dunes-bashing. Enjoy a delicious lunch, and live entertainment, such as belly dancing, and henna on your hands.

Building Burj Khalifa

Even if you don’t do anything else while visiting Dubai, climbing the Burj Khalifa should be on your bucket list. Take in the vast view of the city and desert as you climb to the 148th storey. The largest synchronised fountain system in the world, the Dubai Fountain, is worth seeing. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Store in Dubai

Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the area, is home to several luxury brands and leisure facilities, including an ice rink, a sizable aquarium, a movie theatre, a theme park, and more. However, you could simply lounge around, take a break from the heat, hang around, and read a book without having to spend anything more.

Boulevard at the Palm Jumeirah

It’s a lot of joy to stroll along the recently constructed boardwalk, which encircles the Palm’s outer crescent for 11 kilometres. awe-inspiring Atlantis The Palm, where you may eat, unwind and see the imposing structures.


Families, couples, and single individuals can relax at one of Dubai’s many free beaches. Shaded areas, cabanas, sun loungers, cafes, food trucks, water sports equipment, changing facilities, and other amenities are available to make your stay enjoyable. Jumeirah Beach and Kite Beach, both well-known beaches, offer views of the majestic Burj Al Arab.

Museum in Sharjah

It costs only 3AED to enter this small museum in Old Dubai, which contains intriguing information and intriguing artefacts.


Dubai may have the appearance of being very expensive from the outside, but vacationing here can be inexpensive and enjoyable. If you want to stretch your money, you just need to plan wisely. With the help of these tips on How to travel to Dubai in budget, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself at this highly accessible tourist destination without going over your budget.

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