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Plan your Durga puja vacation in Bali with us. | Travlio Best travel Agency in Kolkata.

Durga Puja Vacation in Bali

The name of the stunning island of Bali is so well-known that many individuals think Bali to be a nation. It’s only one among the numerous islands that make up the incredibly diverse country of Indonesia, and it’s a great site to start a Durga Puja Vacation in Bali to Lombok and Flores.

With its beaches, recognizable rice terraces, vegetation-covered volcanoes, distinctive culture, and friendly residents, Bali is by far the most populated island. When you visit the island of the Gods, you’ll understand why visitors extend their stays or keep coming back due to the breathtaking scenery and diverse culture. To experience the several locations that are squeezed onto one island, people flock to Bali. Black sand beaches and surf can be found on one side of the island, while waterfalls, active volcanoes, gorgeous coral, white sand beaches with calm waves, and rolling hills to trek can be found on the opposite side.

Bali island is amusing and has a strong pull that I know will draw you in as well because of its rich culture, plenty of activities, adventure, luxury, and cuisine. The ultimate Durga Puja Vacation in Bali will result from this.

Because there is no one specific place to visit in Bali or backpacking route to take, planning a vacation there can be very challenging. This Bali travel guide will list the top attractions, must-visit places, and activities in Bali. It is the most effective approach to planning a trip to Bali.

Durga Puja Vacation in Bali

Bali’s Best Time to Visit

Bali is accessible all year long, yet there is unquestionably the best time to visit. Bali has just two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The rainy season, which runs from November to March, is when heavy rains occur, but they rarely persist all day and typically only drizzle for an hour or two. In the dry season (April to October), it rarely rains, and dry spells lasting weeks are not uncommon. Lows and highs are the same throughout the year, ranging from 23 to 34 degrees Celsius.

The best seasons to travel are during the off-peak months of April through June and September through October because July and August are the busiest travel months. The island is lush and green in the spring because the rainy season has just ended, making the trip there delightful.

Bali Travel Price

Bali can be a high-end vacation spot or a low-cost vacation spot. On the island, which has everything, you can spend however much money you like. I discovered Bali to be reasonably reasonable when it came to creating a budget for housing, meals, and transportation despite being a little more expensive than other Southeast Asian countries.

How to reach Bali

Bali is reachable by bus, ferry, or airplane. The most popular means of transportation to get to Bali is by flying to Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport. Bali has just one airport, which has two names and is located in Denpasar.


Additionally, there is the option of using a boat, with the most well-liked route leaving from Java. Boat transportation between the two main islands is common. Finally, you can take a 23-hour bus ride from Jakarta to Java.

Bali go-round

Bali has several simple ways to move around the island. You will need to rely on private drivers, find drivers through apps, or ride a scooter in Bali because there is no public transit. Fortunately, travel time rarely exceeds two hours unless you have extensive travel plans across the island, which shouldn’t be the case given the wealth of attractions to see and the desire to stop and stay in more than one or two places.

Durga Puja Vacation in Bali – How to get to your lodging from the airport

Before traveling to Bali, it is imperative to make transport arrangements. Private airport transfer bookings made online are reasonably priced. Additionally, many motels offer transport.

Utilizing a Grab, Uber, or Go-Jek (the Indonesian equivalent of Grab/Uber) is the least expensive way to travel from one area to another. Despite the price being displayed, drivers nearly always attempt to barter. Therefore, since haggling is common, do it. We strongly suggest hiring private drivers because they are relatively affordable and less of a hassle.

The most expensive way is to hire a taxi, Blue Bird taxis are the main and trusted taxi company. Of course, if you’re comfortable driving a scooter with your baggage then you can hire a scooter and drive wherever you please.

There are some shuttles available, mostly from Ubud that are a cheaper shared option. If you’re taking a boat to the Nusa Islands, Lombok, or the Gili Islands then transportation is usually organized and included in the price.

How much time should I spend in Bali?

Bali is best experienced by staying at least one week. More if you have the time and means to do so. It is advised to limit your stay to no more than 4 weeks if you are an Indian national because your free visa upon arrival is frequently only good for 30 days unless you intend to travel to another nearby country and then return to Bali.

Currency data for Bali (IDR)

The national currency is the Indonesian Rupiah or IDR. In 1 INR, there are 200 IDR. To put it another way, your Bali taxi driver is requesting 500 INR rather than 1 lakh rupiah.

In Bali, how easy is it to get vegetarian Indian food?

In Bali, which has close ties to India and the Hindu religion, vegetarian food is not difficult to get. There are numerous vegetarian Indian eateries in Bali. However, there aren’t many entirely vegetarian eateries.

When is the best time of year to visit Bali, Indonesia?

Bali is close to the equator and has tropical weather. Several months of rain and sweltering summertime temperatures. Due to the favorable weather and temperatures, October through March is the greatest time of year to visit Durga Puja Vacation in Bali.

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