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Travlio: Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata

Our daily lives, full of schedules and deadlines, can wear us down quickly. We all need a break or two at times, explore the world around us and rediscover ourselves. A quick getaway to a nearby hill station or a nice weekend at a beach, can be a really calming and relaxing experience. Travelling can be extremely beneficial for our well being. India has beautiful destinations in store, waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed. A quick vacation to explore our diverse cultures, traditions and states can be a fun way of reinventing and de-stressing yourself. Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata can give you the opportunity to let go of the monotonous life and explore the beauty other states of our nation holds in store. 

We aim to offer a hassle free and easy holiday experience, where you just reinvent yourself, make precious memories and rekindle the love in your relationships. Our Domestic Tour packages From Kolkata are affordable and make sure you do not worry about the background details. We at Travlio, the Thomas Cook Kolkata aim to give you a comfortable holiday experience. Read on to know more:

Andaman Tour Packages From Kolkata

The silvery waves crashing on the golden sands and waking up to the beautiful view of the endless blue ocean and corals, if this sounds like a dream to you, a short trip to the Andaman islands can turn it into a blissful reality! If you are a beach person, a trip to the islands of Andaman can be everything you have dreamed of. Our Domestic Tour packages From Kolkata can help you turn your vacation dreams into reality, just the way you like and prefer! Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a lot to offer and all you have to do is explore and bask in the beach-y sunlight!

If you want to take a relaxing stroll, the Radhanagar Beach in Andaman will steal your heart! It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches around the globe and if you are looking for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and want the pristine blue ocean crash at your feet, it is the best place to be. The beach is covered with lush forests and stores rich marine life, which will surely make your time in Andaman memorable for years. The Radhanagar beach not only gives you the opportunity to soak in pretty views and landscapes, it also brings in a lot of adventure and thrill for you, as well. Scuba diving in the deep blue waters can surely give you a memorable experience and enhance your overall holiday.

You will get closer to the majestic coral reefs and the unique marine life, flourishing deep into the sea. Parasailing can add a dash of thrill in your relaxing vacation. Andaman truly lets you get closer to sea life. If you are a beach person, Andaman can prove to be the vacation of your dreams. However it is not all about relaxation and sun bathing. The islands have a lot of history and tales in store that will surely fascinate you! The history of Cellular Jail, also known as the infamous Kaala Paani, will send chills down your spine. The islands also offer you a trekking experience in Mount Harriet. A trip to the Andaman Islands can be a wonderful experience where you get to discover the history of India and also decompress in the most beautiful beaches. Our Andaman Tour Packages from Kolkata can take care of your holiday plans in the most affordable way!

North East Tour Packages From Kolkata

The North eastern states of India are highly underrated and yet, are home to the most ethereal landscapes and destinations in our country. If you want to discover beautiful places and explore unique cultures, you should definitely get in touch with us and pack your bags for a most colourful and exhilarating holiday experience. Our Domestic tour Packages From Kolkata ensure you have the best experiences and are able to create the most precious memories with your loved ones! The north eastern states of our nation can give you amazing experiences that you will cherish for a long time and certainly go back for more. 

The diverse culture and traditions of the north eastern states do not get much representation in the mainstream media. A trip to the north east will give you the opportunity to explore and blend with the beautiful people and their varying cultures and traditions. The north eastern states are highly enchanting. Gangtok is a beautiful town, surrounded by esteemed mountains. If you are an adventurous person and like some rush, paragliding and trekking around this town will surely give you experiences and memories worth cherishing for the years to come. 

Dazzling waters of Umiam Lake in Shillong will surely steal your heart and also tempt the adventurer in you for rafting and yacht riding. The picture perfect Tsmogo Lake of Sikkim should definitely be on your lists! The scenic snow clad mountains and the blue waters of the lake impress and blow your mind. The beauty of this lake is truly unreal! The Yumthang valley Of Flowers in Gangtok can be considered as a tiny piece of heaven on earth. Gangtok is a home to picture perfect and dreamlike landscapes, we have all seen in the movies. Our North East Tour Packages From Kolkata can make sure all your travel goals and dreams can turn into reality without any hassle! The flowers in the laps of the mountains create a gorgeous view that you should not miss out at any cost. 

The Nohkalikai waterfall trickling out of green cliffs in Meghalaya is another beautiful sight to see! The north eastern states have unbelievably majestic sights and places you can explore. The beauty of crystal waters of Umngot River in Shillong, is incomprehensible, one truly cannot fathom such beauty and the magic of nature. A trip to the north eastern states of India can be a blessing, the tranquility of the lands and the cultures will certainly clear your mind and soul. 

Gujarat Tour Packages From Kolkata

If you are looking for an interesting getaway that can relax you and feed your mind at the same time, you should definitely plan a short trip to Gujarat. Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata can surely assure you a hassle free experience. If you are an avid history reader or the thought of ancient civilizations and the archaic eras interest you, Gujarat can fascinate you with the rich culture and history it has in store. You will surely cherish this trip for the years to come and collect mind blowing facts and stories but the ancient times from the locals. Gujarat is not only rich in culture and history but it is also home to extremely diverse wildlife and architecture. 

The old city of Ahmedabad is a home to exquisite Indian art and architecture and holds a very important part in the history of ancient India. The old streets and buildings, laden with great architecture will surely grab your attention. The dramatic French Haveli surely demands a visit. The hundred year old heritage home aims to offer you the luxurious and golden taste of Gujarat, where you can go back to the past and drown in the rich history of India. If you want a taste of the Gujarati royalty, Vadodara should definitely be in your list! 

The city has marvelous architecture that deserves your praises and attention. The Laxmi Vilas Palace will surely blow your mind with its majestic beauty and style! The city is drenched with art. The colourful culture and traditions will surely make you want to go back for more. The traditional garba dance will surely make your trip along with the traditional cuisines and delicacies of Gujarat.The archaeological parks, rich architecture and craftsmanship of the temples and forts are some of the things that will add to your experiences and give you memories that you will certainly cherish for a long time. 

The rich wildlife in reserves and parks will also give you a sense of thrill and adventure. Gir National Park in Gujarat is a home to varied and diverse wildlife in India. You can certainly spot the Asiatic lions prowling like the true kings in the jungle. A trip to Gujarat promises you great adventure and fascinating experiences, you will leave with precious memories and a hundred tales to tell. With the help of our Gujarat Tour Packages From Kolkata, you can get off from the busy streets and enjoy what Gujarat holds in store for you!


Himachal Tour Packages From Kolkata 

With the help of our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata, we can transport you to a world full of adventure, thrill and fun in the laps of mighty mountains and beautiful landscapes that will stay imprinted in your memories forever! Himachal Pradesh holds the most popular hill stations in India, where you can bask in the glorious beauty of nature and be surrounded by fun and adventure, at the same time. If your ideal vacations involve mountains, trekking, rafting and being around nature, Himachal is the right place to choose! Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata offer you a chance to take a break from this mundane life and explore yourself. 

Whether you want to travel solo or make precious memories with a group of friends, Kasol in Himachal Pradesh will surely steal your heart! The beauty of this hill station is mesmerizing and is one of the most popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Trekking through the lush green forests and mountains, sparkling rivers and valleys will surely give you the boost of tranquility and adventure you need! The silvery waterfalls on your way, will add colours to your mundane life. If you want to get away from the crowd and enjoy a few days of blissful solitude, the remote village of Spiti Valley will welcome you with open arms. 

There are many Buddhists monasteries in the village that can lend you the peace of mind you seek. This quiet village also offers you a bit of adventure. Trekking, biking and exploring this peaceful village can truly be a fun experience. Paragliding in Bir Billing can be an amazing experience if you like to challenge yourself and test your limits or are looking for a sharp adrenaline rush in your vacation. Waking up to the snowcapped mountains and the prettiest views out of your windows, in Manali will refresh you.

 Himachal is truly a state full of picture perfect destinations. Watching the mountains glow with every sunrise and sunset will give you an unbelievable experience and you will have a dream like vacation, surrounded by serenity of nature, rich wildlife and cultures. Our Himachal tour packages can make it easy for you to explore the mighty mountains of this beautiful state and make precious memories that you will surely treasure for a lifetime.


Kerala Tour Packages From Kolkata

If you are looking for a calm and soothing holiday experience, surrounded by velvet green forests, rich culture and pristine water bodies, a trip to Kerala can surely give you one! Kerala is home to the prettiest scenic landscapes, sparkling valleys, lakes and waterfalls, lush fields and earthy villages. Kerala gives you the opportunity to blend in with nature. A short trip here will surely get rid of all your stress. Boating in the serene backwaters of Kerala, surrounded by deep forests and rich wildlife will soothe your mind and make you come back for more. 

A few days in Alleppey in beautiful humble resorts along with the local cultures and cuisines will fascinate you. The sight of the flowing water and the green fields is something you will definitely not want to miss out on! You can also book your stay in the beautiful boathouses and experience the joy of being close to the flowing rivers of Kerala and float along with it! Kerala offers you one of a kind experience that you will surely get nowhere else! 

Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata make it easier for you to plan holidays, all you have to do is, reach out to us. We at Travlio/ Thomas Cook Kolkata aim to take care of the complicated details, so that you can enjoy the serene waters of Kerala at peace! Kerala is not all about wild rivers and dazzling ponds and backwaters. It also gives you the opportunity to wake up to misty scenic hills and mountains. The deep woods and the steep mountains laden with trees appear breathtaking in Wayanad.

 A cup of tea with the lush view of the mountains from the resorts can give you a priceless experience and help you create memories with your loved ones. The dreamy landscapes of Wayanad and Munnar will make you forget your life behind. Munnar is also known for their tea plantations. Kovalam Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. If you are looking out for some fun, thrill and adventure, Kovalam is the best place to be! You can go surfing and motorboat riding and add a little spice to your holidays. Our Kerala Tour Packages From Kolkata can help you treat yourself to a soothing and fun trip and take a break from your schedules. Reach out to us today!

Uttarakhand Tour Packages From Kolkata

In this busy and chaotic life full of deadlines and schedules, it is natural to lose out on our sense of self and spirituality. An ideal holiday will help you find and rediscover yourself. The vacations are meant to heal you and give you a chance to rest and be still for a moment. A trip to Uttarakhand will surely ease your weary soul and help you clear your mind and rejuvenate you. Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata can help you get off the busy streets and take a quiet moment to yourself or reconnect with your loved ones in the laps of gorgeous hills. 

The holy city of Haridwar will put your voracious mind at ease and the sound of the hymns and prayers will soothe you. Haridwar is a popular tourist spot where millions of people land every year, looking for inner peace and clarity, wanting to wash away their sins in the flows of the Ganges. The dazzling evening prayers or the ‘aarti’ will warm your spirit and give you an experience to remember for a lifetime. There are many shrines, temples and pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand. The lands bring you closer to yourself and your loved ones and fuel your spirituality. Dehradun can hold your heart captive with its dreamy and picture perfect scenic beauty. The mighty hills and lush green vegetation will surely enhance your overall holiday experience. You can also get a bit of thrill and adventure and dip into the rivers for rafting or go around for a quick trekking, soaking in the beauty the city has to offer. The beautiful Nainital will also leave you mesmerized. Boating in the glistening lakes of Nainital will surely cheer you up! Shopping at the local markets and blending in with the cultures will give you a fascinating experience. Uttarakhand has something to offer to everyone, be it a chance to dive into spirituality and the Ganges or be surrounded by the beauty of nature and the colourful cultures and traditions. Our Uttarakhand Tour Packages From Kolkata offer you an affordable path to rediscover yourself and take a break from this fast paced life. 

Rajasthan Tour Packages From Kolkata

A luxurious vacation can lend you amazing experiences and can be a fun way to treat yourself or your loved ones. If you are in a mood to spoil yourself a little and want a taste of Indian royalty, majestic architecture, rich culinary experiences and want to be surrounded with vibrant cultures and diverse wildlife, Rajasthan is the place to be! However, a luxurious vacation does not have to burn a hole in your pocket, our Domestic Tour packages From Kolkata are affordable and can give you an opportunity to treat yourself like a king and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Reach out to us to know more. 

Rajasthan is a state full of great culture and history. The ancient forts, palaces and the temples will leave you amazed. The City Palace is one of the famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan, where people flock in great numbers every year. The grand architecture of the palace will surely impress you. It used to be the residence of the king of the Jaipur in the 1700s. If you are a history buff, the art and the history of Rajasthan is going to leave you astonished. The grand architecture and craftsmanship of the Amber Fort And Palace will also amaze you. 

The sheer royalty drips from the red walls of the palace and is captivating enough to transport you back into the eras of Kings, who used to reside in the fort. The beauty of Hawa and Jal Mahal is breathtaking and deserves to be on your travelling list. These Mahals and Forts will surely have you feeling like royalty in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has a lot to offer, you not only get to observe and witness the rich history but you also get to enjoy the abundant wildlife. You can spot mighty leopards, noisy monkeys and hyenas, exotic birds, foxes and deers prancing and prowling in the Jhalana Leopard Reserve. 

You can also dive into the lives of the ancient warriors and their traditions in Kumbhalgarh Fort, which was built in the 15th century! A trip to Rajasthan can be fun, adventurous and luxurious and at the same time give you amazing experiences that can fascinate and enrich your mind. You can unfold it all and visit the land of kings with ease with the help of our Rajasthan Tour Packages. We can help you create memories with your loved ones, subtracting the stress of planning holidays. 

South India Tour Packages From Kolkata

The southern part of India is the home to beautiful tourist destinations and spots and can promise you a rich wildlife, all the adventure and thrills you can imagine or think of. The dreamy landscapes can stay imprinted in your heart and mind for a long time. The traditional lip smacking south Indian cuisine will certainly give your taste buds a joy ride. From lively cities to quiet and serene outskirts, beautiful backwaters, ponds, rivers and lakes, the southern states truly hold a lot of treasure in store. Our Domestic Tour Packages From Kolkata can give you the opportunity to explore everything the states have in store for you!

If trekking and exploring the lush nature around you sounds like an ideal vacation activity, you are surely in for luck! The beautiful velvety lands of Chikmagalur of Karnataka can give you an unforgettable experience. The scenic beauty, the murmuring of the thick trees above you and the silvery waterfalls will surely leave you stunned. The beauty of Chikmagalur is surely enchanting. The grandeur of the famous Mysore Palace will surely leave you in awe. The craftsmanship and architecture is praise worthy and the history behind the palace is equally fascinating. It will give you a tiny taste of Mysore’s royalty! 

Trivandrum is a home to beautiful temples, monuments and pretty beaches and also has a rich history that binds the place together and makes it popular. If you are a history buff, you will be fascinated to see the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum. The collection of paintings in Padmanabhapuram Palace will surely amaze all the artists and art enthusiasts. Trivandrum is filled with old palaces and museums that can give you a splendid holiday experience and at the same time keep you fascinated and engaged.

 If you want to get away from the cities and want a few days basking in nature, Ooty can definitely cheer your heart! From beautiful botanical gardens, chocolate factories, glistening lakes and waterfalls, Ooty has everything your heart can desire in a vacation. The misty scenic hills will certainly make your day! Thomas Cook Kolkata offers you South India Tour Packages that can allow you to explore the great southern lands without worrying about the plans and pesky details.

Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages From Kolkata

Uttar Pradesh is the home to one of the wonders of the world, however it is not the only thing the state is famous for. The lands of Uttar Pradesh have a lot in store, waiting for you to be discovered, enjoyed and remembered. Uttar Pradesh promises you a good time, adventure, fun and thrill and at the same time give you a chance to relish the incredible art, architecture and craftsmanship, cultures and traditions that will surely leave you fascinated. 

The old city of Lucknow, is known as the City of the Nawabs in India. The city boasts of extravagant history, cultures and mannerisms and most importantly, architecture and the local traditional cuisine that will definitely steal your heart! The kebabs and the ‘biryanis’, of this noble city will have you craving and coming back for more. The city definitely knows how to pamper its tourists. If you are a foodie and love to experiment with food and different cuisines, the blend of different flavours of Lucknow, will make your vacation memorable.

 Apart from the incredibly delicious local cuisine, the holy land of Varanasi will mesmerize you. The evening prayers carry great significance and should definitely reserve a place on your list. The twinkling lights and candles make it appear ethereal. The forts and the Mahals in Uttar Pradesh will give you a tiny glimpse of the Mughal Empire. The craftsmanship and the Mughal architecture of Fatehpur Sikri is majestic and will take you back in time. The holy ancient city of Ayodhya will get you closer to the incredible Indian mythology and the rich stories it has to offer. It is known to be the birth place of lord Rama. 

The land of Uttar Pradesh is adorned with history, religion and mythology, rich and diverse wildlife and culture. A short trip here will fill you up with great memories and experiences with your near and dear ones. We at Thomas Cook Kolkata can help you create memories with your friends and families and enable you to have a hassle free and blissful holiday experience. With the help of our Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages, we aim to serve you and give you a holiday keeping your preferences and needs in mind.

Bhutan Tour Packages From Kolkata

Bhutan is a quiet nation, settled in the laps and edges of Himalayas and offers great travels and tour opportunities in India. Just like Uttarakhand, Bhutan is a nation basking in serenity, Buddhism and spirituality and can help you find peace and happiness from this monotonous daily life of duties and engulfing responsibilities.  The nation is submerged in beauty and has incredible tourist destinations in store that will surely make you go back again and again. The peace and stillness of Bhutan is addicting and healing. 

The nation also has marvelous architecture, which can fascinate you. There are monasteries and forts that stand as remnants of the past and can give you the glimpse of the colourful culture, festivals and traditions of the nation. The Punakha Dzong in Bhutan has a mesmerizing and colourful palace, surrounded by the serene greenery. The palace has a rich history and considered to be a holy place where the Kings of Bhutan were crowned. The place also gives you a taste of Bhutanese royalty. 

The palace is surrounded by lush hills and captivating trees and waters. The bewildering suspension bridge at Punakha will blow your mind, as well. The view of the dazzling river flowing below the bridge is breathtaking. The bridge portrays the distinct culture of the nation and has prayer flags wrapped around, which makes it a beautiful sight to behold. The National Museum in Paro invites you to learn more about the rich and diverse culture, history, art and architecture of the nation.

 The museum is a piece of art itself, surrounded with misty lush green hills and tiny towns reflecting in the background. The picture perfect view will surely capture your mind and please your eyes! Our Domestic Tour packages From Kolkata can give you the opportunity to submerge in the tranquility, the nation so wholeheartedly offers. You can choose our range of Bhutan Tour Packages and let us present you an easy and blissful holiday experience.