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Visit Thailand hassle free with Travlio: Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata

Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata

One of the easiest nations in Asia to go to is Thailand. There is an amazing amount to see, not many obstacles, many restaurants, and signage are in English, and you can get around easily day or night. However, there are a few things that every traveler needs to be aware of. Here are our top recommendations for making the most of your trip. Travlio, the Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata is here to make your trip easier

Some tips from the Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata

Get vaccinated before your trip.

Even though you’ve probably already had your COVID-19 shot, the majority of doctors additionally advise vaccination against tetanus and hepatitis A. Consider getting a rabies shot as well, as the illness can spread from dogs, cats, and monkeys. Malaria is an issue around the borders of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. While visiting these regions, take anti-malarial medication, such as atovaquone/proguanil or doxycycline.

Check the weather or get soaked

From June to October, Thailand’s northern, central, and southwest see regular storms and torrential rain, which makes sea travel risky. The southeast coast and the Gulf of Thailand have more rainfall from October to December.

Even while several hotels close and many island boats, including those that serve the Tarutao archipelago, stop running during the wet season, travel is cheaper and less crowded. If you’re wise, you’ll plan when visiting Thailand.

If you have your heart set on a certain boat cruise, rail journey, trek, tour, or boutique stay, book in advance for the biggest travel season, which runs from November to March, or for any religious holiday. To make sure a business is open throughout the rainy season, call or email in advance.

Thailand’s behavior

Even though Thais are regarded for being welcoming to visitors, there are some social customs to be mindful of.

interacting socially or professionally with Thais

When you first meet someone in Thailand, the customary greeting is the wai. It entails lowering your head in reverence while placing your palms in front of your chest with your hands. If the other person doesn’t start a handshake, don’t do it. If you are invited into a Thai home, take off your shoes first, and avoid putting your feet in anyone else’s path.

Understanding the Buddhist culture of Thailand

Buddhism is practiced by 95% of the population of Thailand, and it infuses every aspect of daily life. Before visiting any Buddhist institution, wear clothing that covers the shoulders, upper arms, and upper legs to show appropriate respect.

Never place your hand on the head of a Buddha statue or point your foot in the direction of any Buddhist statue (or monk). Avoid sitting near monks on public transportation and give them space on the sidewalk. A woman isn’t permitted to handle a monk or any of their belongings.

Thai modesty

Thai people often avoid wearing clothing that shows a lot of skin. Swimwear is appropriate for the beach, but after you leave the sand, change into a sarong or a pair of fishermen’s pants. You should also wear something that covers your shoulders if you intend to visit any sacred locations. Being topless or completely naked when tanning is frowned upon and can attract unwanted attention.

The monarch of Thailand must be obeyed or else!

Lèse-majesté, a crime that is punishable in Thailand, is committed when someone disparages the royal family. Never disrespect the monarch or how the royal family is portrayed (including money).

Be prepared for what will happen at the table.

When dining out in Thailand, everything is often brought to the table at the same time and placed in the center of the table for sharing. In Thailand, using chopsticks was outlawed in the nineteenth century. Most meals are served in bite-sized servings, so you will be given a spoon and fork but not a knife. Sticky rice is typically rolled into balls and eaten with the fingers.

The term “vegetarian” is confusing in Thailand.

Cooking in Thailand regularly uses items like egg, fish sauce, and oyster sauce. Finding vegetarian restaurants run by Indians or restaurants that serve kin ah is the best option for those who avoid seafood and meat. If in doubt, ask the person preparing the meal if it is appropriate. Mang sa weight simply refers to food that doesn’t contain any bits of meat or fish.

Thailand’s security and well-being

Avoid stomach bugs, and carry insect repellent.

Stomach ailments that ruin their trip are the most common problem for tourists in Thailand. Drink only bottled water, avoid tap water, wash your hands before eating, only eat in busy restaurants, and handle ice, unwashed or unpeeled fruit, and raw vegetables with care. If you get sick, seek out private hospitals in larger cities as opposed to public ones.

Thailand’s tropical climate increases the likelihood that a mosquito bite may result in infection. Use a mosquito net and keep insect repellent on you (or bring your own). Always seek medical help if you are bitten by a dog, cat, or monkey because rabies is another issue.

Be aware of the cost Although traveling in Thailand is generally hassle-free, visitors are regularly charged high rates for tuk-tuk and unmetered taxi trips; find out what a fair fare should be by asking a local.

Major tourist hotspots are common hangouts for dishonest taxi drivers and touts who will try to steer you to shady souvenir shops, phony “tourism offices,” and poor lodging places where you will inevitably pay more to cover their commission. Make your transportation reservations directly with the providers to avoid dubious deals from dishonest travel agents. The prudent traveler stays away from drugs in Thailand

Given that doing so carries the possibility of the death penalty and even having a small amount of marijuana in your possession can result in a lengthy prison sentence, it is not worth the risk to smuggle drugs across Thailand’s borders. Remember that smoking in public is illegal and is punished by heavy fines. Verify that any prescription medications you use are accepted in Thailand before you visit.

Prepare a strategy in the event of a natural disaster.

Thailand is vulnerable to cyclones, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis during the wet season. In the event of a natural disaster, heed government advice and contact your embassy to acquire the most updated information on evacuation protocols.

Always choose the Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata before planning your trip. They know better and will help in smoothening the entire procedure. Contact travlio, Best Travel Agency for Thailand in Kolkata to know more.

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